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I'm Nicki

The go-to life coach for stressed AF 20-somethings that are ready to finally get their s*** together.

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Let's face it...

Traditional talk therapy isn't enough when you want to make big changes.

That's why as a coach I focus on sharing the realistic, actionable skills and strategies that create the kind of momentum you want to see ASAP.

I'll show you how to:

  • Manage Your Mind - Feel confident and energized when you think of your future
  • Track Your Time - Increase your productivity and take back control of your day
  • Take Consistent Action - Ditch the overthinking and start moving forward in a way that feels good to you

You don't have to figure this out alone.

And chaos doesn't have to be the norm in your life. Start living up to the potential you know you're capable of.

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"I've never felt so happy about myself!"

"Nicki helped me to meet my financial goals and change my mindset for the better. I’ve never felt so happy about myself as I do now. She listened to me, helped me, and has even become my friend. I definitely recommend Nicki to anyone that wants to meet their goals. "

— Krista C.

"I''ve found balance with my business and personal life"

"Nicki helped me work through challenges in finding balance with my business and personal life, and helped with setting up schedules and routines. I felt comfortable communicating in the space and received great advice and guidance. Highly recommend!"

— Laura O.

"One of the best decisions I''ve made"

"Nicki helped me stay accountable and true to myself, and having her as a life coach was one of the best decisions I made after realizing I needed and wanted to make some changes in my life. Nicki, you absolutely rock!"

— Brandon R.

"I'm finally putting myself first"

"Nicki’s program gave me the time and guidance to put everything back together and catch up on what I was missing out on - real, genuine life. I finally was putting myself first and she taught me how to prioritize and reformat the way I did things."

— MacyJane M.

"I am now better able to help myself"

"Nicki actively listened to me and wasn’t focused on solely giving advice. This helped me better able to help myself. I am so thankful and grateful to have made the connection with Nicki. She is someone I will be continuing to collaborate with in the future to navigate the mountainous terrain of my life!"

— Emilie R.

"Nicki helped me realize my worth"

"Nicki helped me realize my worth and that success comes in many different forms. She pushed me in all the right ways to be accountable for my own life. I'm grateful for my time with Nicki and I will hold onto what she taught me for the rest of my life."

— Sydney S.

Despite what you may have heard,
you can be in your twenties and have your s*** together. 

Here's the proof: